Verizon Builds a 4G LTE Innovation Center


on July 14, 2011  

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Verizon is the undisputed 4G LTE leader on the US market, serving over 104 million customers. And next week’s network expansion in Tulsa, Oklahoma will bring to an even 100 the number of markets that Verizon serves with its 4G LTE mobile broadband. It took Verizon merely eight months to reach this milestone, compared to 25 months for the 3G technology. This is the moment that Verizon chose to introduce its latest asset for its 4G LTE plan. On July 12, Verizon announced the official opening of a new facility dedicated to develop LTE technology for businesses near Boston.

Verizon’s Innovation Center aims at spurring LTE development both for large companies and start-ups. The 135,000 square-ft complex features high-tech laboratory space and more than 300 engineers and developers working hand in hand with external companies such as Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco and Ericsson. Verizon’s initiative is a great opportunity for companies willing to benefit from Verizon’s center and consulting services. First and foremost, it is free of charge, companies don’t have to pay to use the facility and they don’t have to share the revenue of their products. Also, all companies that decide to work with Verizon keep patent and intellectual property rights for their products. So far, more than 30 products have already been developed in this precinct. Among the recent developments, the following products could be found: M2M smart home connected systems, a VGo robot designed for remote diagnosis and treatment of patients, distance learning for children that are unable to attend class, a 2012 On-Star Buick with multiple LTE powered gadgets and many more.

One might wonder what is in it for Verizon? And what they ultimately get out of these relationships is an extended LTE universe in which many products and services will eventually run over their LTE network, attract new customers and generate revenue for the carrier. Exciting weekly updates and new creations can be expected from now and this is for sure something to rejoice about for all LTE users!

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