Twitter Launches Its Official Application For Windows 8

It has been hard to get, but finally the official Twitter application for Windows 8 and Windows RT is available. As they had promised their leaders, the famous microblogging social network already has its own application for the new operating system from Microsoft. Besides being able to enjoy all the usual features, adds a number of features to make it more intuitive.

Twitter Launches Its Official Application For Windows 8

So, the first thing we will call your attention is that the application adapts the Modern UI simple and elegant interface, which has introduced the latest version of the operating system. The result is a very positive user experience, which is very simple and intuitive access the various options.

From the left menu, you can access the main tabs, such as Home, Connect, Discover and Account. Another of the advantages is the ability to adjust the size of the application so we can continue browsing, watching videos or using other applications on your computer or mobile device.

The system tiles, with static or dynamic content, Windows 8 allows us to keep abreast of everything that happens on our own, and the latest tweets, mentions and conversations, without opening the application.

Share any comments or content type is simple, since only we slide your finger horizontally from the right side of the screen and a new screen, on the right side, from which you can write a comment appear, share a link or a photo.

Another option available is the ability to open the photos just click on it so that it will be at the center of the screen with a fairly large size. The area Discover and Account tabs, sliding your finger you’ll see, all images that have been published.

The search for words or users is also very easy because we just swiping from the right side to make use of the search engine.

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