The Five Essential Apps For Your Windows Phone

Put yourself in the situation. You just got your shiny Windows Phone, you open the box, you put the SIM, turn it on and after tinkering around with the interface you wonder: What applications I install? Although from the Marketplace can explore some, you’ll always lose some jewelry. So let’s see,5  essential apps for your Windows Phone.

Windows Phone

Photoroom, the best application for your camera

Now for the MOST interesting applications. Photoroom is the perfect complement to the Windows Phone camera, with the same options When taking photos and With An interesting detail: the Ability to change set points to sharpen focus and exposure to perfection photography.

Once the photo, We Have Several options for editing, from The most basic Changes like adjusting color, exposure or style rotation Until the Instagram filters, treats including tilt-shift or famous vintage. Having made the issues photoroom They desire us Allows us to upload the photo to your social network, or save them to your phone and SkyDrive. It is free, and I Assure you, it’s worth installing it.

Fuse, always aware of the news

One of my favorite apps on Windows Phone is Fuse, really interesting reader RSS. As you can see in the catches, does not show us the news lists. We have three interface options: Ribbon style, with news on panels; Ipsum style, which are only the titles of sources; and finally the Square style with mosaic news purest Metro (or Modern UI, and whichever you prefer) style.

We can classify the sources into groups, then we can anchor the home screen to have them a click. These groups believe us, but we can also import from Google Reader. The reading interface is very comfortable with the list of items from the source at the bottom. It cost € 1.29 and is fully functional test version: the only thing is that periodically delete your settings.

Pocket Recorder, Sound Recorder lost

Perhaps one of the shortcomings that attracted the most attention in Windows Phone is no sound recording. That’s why I wanted to include Pocket Recorder, a really complete application to capture the audio from your phone.

Pocket Recorder allows us to do many things when we recorded the audio cut it, save it to SkyDrive, create a ringtone, create a task with it or even save it with our GPS location to access it easily. The paid version costs one euro, although they have a free version that works almost like fall, with no trial period or ads.

Metro Tube, the Metro style You Tube

I think MetroTube is applied to the best design of Windows Phone. It has all the features you would expect from a YouTube player: you can search and watch videos, comment and say “you like” or not and browse all categories.

If you also enter your YouTube account, you can view your subscriptions, favorites, playlists, videos uploaded by yourself and videos you’ve marked to read later. In addition, since the main interface, you can review the most viewed videos and recommended. As I say, all with a very attractive interface and really smooth. Metro Tube is free, so do not know why you have not yet installed.

Clearer, a task manager only with gestures

Perhaps you’ve heard of Clear, a task manager for iPhone that is used only with gestures. Windows Phone someone has created an application that follows exactly the same principles, and I assure you they have done a great job.

Clearer is an incredibly simple task manager. As we install and perform, it will take us through a tutorial that teaches us how to use it: move a list down to create a new item, swipe a task to the right to complete, press to put a time limit … As you get used , Clearer is great.

The application also uses the features of Windows Phone as live tiles: to anchor a task list at the start, we at a glance all the tasks that remain to be done. Clearer costs one euro and has a trial version with ads.

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