The 7 Best Social Networking Apps For Android

You cannot speak on a mobile phone without any application for social networks. Since the rise of the mobile phone one of the fundamental objectives of app developers and phone producing companies it was that users could always carry their social networks in their pockets; It is even believed that one of the fields where users spend their increased use of mobile data is in the same social networks.

The 7 Best Social Networking Apps For Android

Below we offer a selection of the best applications for managing social profiles from Android.


HootSuite is a multi-network application that lets you manage and schedule posts to multiple social profiles Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare, etc.; all from one app, a very important hyperlinked user using multiple networks simultaneously function.

Hootsuite is free for up to 3 social profiles and is one of the best apps for social networking management and monitoring social analytics for Android.

With this application you can schedule messages to be published automatically to the best time of day, a feature widely used by community manager and blogger.

In addition, you can check-in on Foursquare and receive optional notifications of updates Twitter or Facebook when people mention your brand or keywords that you follow.

Like its web platform, HootSuite allows shorten links and follow analytical reports ratio of clicks.


Foursquare is the essential application when they speak out for a walk with your friends. With it you can share and record your experiences wherever they go.

The application allows you to get personalized recommendations and deals based on where you and your friends have been.

Look for interesting places through the most popular categories, from “Wi-Fi” to “sushi”). Furthermore, you can find tips and privileged lists of local experts, brands and celebrities.


With eBuddy you can keep in touch with all your friends by unlimited messages completely free, and it’s the best you can send from text to videos and photos.

eBuddy also tells you when messages are sent and read. You can add and invite friends in a snap; share photos with one touch; all with an attractive and easy to use design.

With eBuddy you can see the location of your contacts on a map and to create a “meeting” with some friends for one hour and place.


Instagram is the preferred application for more than 200 million users of Android and no doubt thought was born on mobile technologies.

With this app you can capture and share the best moments of your life, you can customize your photos and videos with any of the available filters.

The application allows you to share photos and videos with friends and followers in a photo section or send posts directly to your friends. In addition, you can follow what your friends post with just one click and every time you open Instagram, you’ll see new photos from your closest friends.

Among the features to enhance your photos is offset the effect of Tilt-Shift radial and linear for more depth of field.

You can also share your photos instantly on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr and Foursquare with unlimited uploads.


Twitter is another application and web services that was born thinking about mobile phones with their 140 characters. With it you can connect with friends, colleagues and celebrities learn step by step what happens in their lives.

With Twitter you can create lists and follow news events live or become a communicator of important events, from elections to soccer games.

The application lets you send text, photos and videos to your followers and send them private messages or make direct references and RT.


Flickr is another of those applications for photography lovers and where you can share your best shots with your friends.

With Flickr app you can take pictures and videos impressive and store all in one place always available. The online platform this application provides many social features that are unmatched by its app, which features an advanced edition, amazing filters and powerful tools like color balance, contrast, saturation and more.

The app allows you to capture HD videos and share them on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. In addition, you can follow


Some people say that Facebook is the social network par excellence, because you can share everything there, from photos, events, videos, news to private chat, features that have been preferred to the more than 100 million users of this network.

Facebook app lets you see what they’re your friends, share updates, photos and videos and get notifications when your friends comment and indicate that they like your publications.

You can send text messages, chat and group discussions with friends. You can also play thousands of games and use your favorite applications.


There are hundreds of thousands of social networks and mobile applications to manage them from our Android, but these we have selected for you are the most famous worldwide and more users have recommended forums and digital platforms. We recommend you seek your choice and enjoy the unique world of social networks.

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