Ten Things You Should Know Before Buying A Latest Mobile

Fraudsters are waiting for an opportunity to deceive. So if you are purchasing a mobile phone note ten aspects that will avoid regret your purchase.

A Latest Mobile

Change or buy a cell is now common in the Colombian consumer. Moreover, there are more mobile phones in the market that the number of people living in the country.

Therefore, read carefully the following concepts given by the Superintendency of Industry and Commerce to make a safe purchase.

  1. Can a service provider to activate a mobile team that has been reported lost, stolen or deactivated by fraud?

No. providers providing mobile services, can not provide communications services through the activation of terminal equipment which have been reported as lost, stolen or deactivated by fraud.

For such purposes the communications service providers must bear a database of terminal equipment which have been reported as lost, stolen or deactivated by fraud.

By Decree 1630 of May 19, 2011 measures were taken to restrict the operation of the terminal equipment stolen and / or lost in the provision of mobile communications.

  1. What is IMEI?

The IMEI is the international mobile terminal equipment identified. It consists of a 15-digit code prerecorded terminal equipment that specifically identifies.

  1. What is a negative database?

The negative database is the ratio of the IMEI of all mobile terminal equipment

which they have been reported stolen and / or lost in Colombia and abroad and, therefore, are disabled to operate in mobile communications networks.

The negative database should be shared by providers of communications networks and services operating in the country with its subsidiaries operating abroad. They may enter into agreements with suppliers other than their subsidiaries abroad, for the prevention of trade in these teams.

  1. What is the basis of positive data?

The positive data base contains the list of mobile terminals identified by their IMEI admitted or legally manufactured in the country. Each IMEI registered in the database shall be associated with the identification number of the owner of the mobile terminal. No IMEI can be associated with more than one identification number.

  1. What should a supplier before activating a terminal?

Before activating a new mobile terminal or used equipment, the service provider must verify that the IMEI of the machine is registered on the basis of positive data, and, at the same time, not be registered on the basis of negative data.

When the supplier check the IMEI does not lie in any of the two databases, you can only include equipment in the data base and activate positive when there is evidence of legal acquisition of that.

  1. Who can sell mobile terminal equipment in Colombia?

The retail price of mobile terminal equipment in Colombia, whether new or used, can only be performed by persons authorized for this purpose.

Be authorized persons:

  • The network providers and mobile communications services.
  • Anyone providers of communications networks and services authorized.
  • Any person that the Ministry of Information Technology and Communications authorized.
  1. How can credit the acquisition of a mobile terminal equipment?

Persons authorized to sell mobile terminals and providers must issue at the time of sale of the team a numbered name of the buyer Team stating the company name and the NIT vendor invoice; likewise must include the identification number of the buyer and IMEI.

If the equipment changes ownership the user must bring you near copy of the original proof of purchase of equipment or proof of payment and a letter from the buyer to the service provider requesting the change of the owner of the positive data base.

However, if the computer’s owner does not have the above documentation must be submitted to the provider which has the active terminal equipment and its name, in order to proceed to the amendment of the identification document of the new owner on the basis of positive data .

  1. Does the user right to know the geographic areas where there is coverage of the contracted services?

Yes. Before the contract providers providing mobile services shall inform users geographical areas where there is service coverage charge. They must also disclose such information through the use of interactive maps through their website.

The lack of service in areas previously reported entitles the user to request termination of the contract or compensation for lack of availability.

  1. At what point can the communications service provider to activate international roaming services?

The communications service providers can only activate international roaming services, on specific request of the user who concluded the contract, in which case the user must choose the duration of the service activation.

  1. What information must provide service providers in relation to international roaming services?

The mobile phone providers must inform in contracts the conditions that activate and provide international roaming services and, if applicable, the existence of additional securities for its use.

In addition, previous use of roaming services abroad, the supplier must send the user a short text message free -SMS-, informing the consumer additional cost generated in each communication by the fact that access to the international network or the cost that is generated by the fact of having available communications services abroad, even though the latter is not made consumptions

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