4G LTE Repeater for AT&T: CM 700A from CellPhone-Mate


on October 6, 2011  

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Cellphone-Mate inc., an industry leader in cell signal amplification, has recently unveiled the first amplifier for 4G LTE. The CellPhone-Mate CM700A 70dB LTE was designed specifically for AT&T. The powerful little device provides strengthened cell signals for buildings up to 30,000  square feet and can enhance voice and data transmissions from several unique devices simultaneously.

The CM700A is capable of independently controlled uplinks and downlinks for maximum speed on the LTE 700MHz bandwidth. The repeater also minimizes incidences of interrupted signals, slow browsing, and dropped calls.

Cellphone-Mate’s decision to produce a repeater for AT&T is demonstrative of the company’s characteristic foresightedness. AT&T currently stands as the nation’s 2nd largest telecommunications provider. If their proposed merger with T Mobile is approved by the FCC, they will become far and away the largest in the US.

With great size comes great spectrum, and AT&T has chosen to run the LTE brand of 4G on their expanding spectrum; a spectrum that is set to explode should A&T and T Mobile indeed become one. By providing the market with an LTE repeater for AT&T, Cellphone-Mate is setting themselves up for success, no question about it.

A repeater for Verizon, currently the nation’s number one wireless carrier and proprietor of the largest 4G network, is apparently in the works as well.

Traditionally, cell phone signal repeaters have served to amplify the signals provided by Wi-Fi and 3G networks. With the CM700A  70dB LTE repeater, Cellphone-mate has brought signal amplification to the next level.



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