LTE Device Growth Continues


on April 10, 2012  

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The Global Mobile Suppliers Association has announced in a new study that the number of LTE enabled devices that are being released has increased. Around 63 manufacturers have created 347 LTE enabled user devices, with 250 of those being announced over the last year. The LTE devices include smartphones, tablets, notebooks, etc. Alan Hadden, GSA president said, “”The main growth trend in 2012 so far is the launch of LTE-capable smartphones and tablets. We report that the number of smartphones has increased by one third since January 2012. The number of LTE-capable tablets increased 72 percent in the same period.” The majority of the LTE user devices released support the 700 MHz band that is used in the U.S, where LTE networks and services are developing the fastest. But as LTE rollouts continue apace in other regions of the world, with manufacturers building devices to work on various bandwidths, the number of LTE devices is bound to increase further.

According to the GSA, the growth in the new LTE device models has been driven primarily by smartphones and tablets. “The number of smartphones has increased by one third since January 2012,” noted Alan Hadden. “The number of LTE-capable tablets increased 72% in the same period.” Device manufacturers are wasting no time in creating products that will work with the newest LTE networks and the pace of LTE and LTE enabled device growth looks to continue unabated.

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