LightSquared Defends Itself in Open Letter


on September 26, 2011  

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In an open letter promised to be widely published in the near future, 4G LTE provider LightSquared defended themselves yesterday from their headquarters in Reston, VA. Addressed to “Americans Everywhere”, CEO Sanjiv Ahuja tackles the issues facing the wireless spectrum start-up including allegations that the companies bandwidth interferes with government GPS signals and lack of competitiveness in the wireless spectrum market.

“America’s wireless infrastructure is at a critical crossroad,” the body of the letter begins, “as weak signals, dead-zones, and over-subscribed networks risk stalling American innovation and failing to meet consumer needs now and in the future. Within the next 24 months, demand for broadband wireless will outstrip the current total spectrum available in the United States—jeopardizing everything from the smartphones and tablets we love to the emergency responder services we rely upon to keep us safe. The current nationwide wireless providers have failed to innovate and in the process have failed to keep pace with consumer and technological demands.”

On a similar note, the letter makes mention of the $14 billion dollars in investments LightSquared hopes to raise without government aid. This money, they claim will create 75,000 jobs over the next five years.

In terms of interference with government GPS signals, Ahuja assures readers that LightSquared “takes the issue very seriously” and that $150 million dollars has been invested to solve the problem “Despite the fact that the interference is caused by others’ inappropriate use of LightSquared’s licensed spectrum”. LightSquared has partnered with several established GPS companies to deal with the issues and asserts that 95.5% of the issue has already been resolved.

LightSquared also denies recent accusations that they pressured White House officials to speed up the implementation process. Detractors maintain that said wheels were greased via doantions to the Democratic Party by billionaire backer Philip Falcone.

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