It’s a New Site, New Era for Quantum Networks


on May 9, 2012  

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The Quantum site is getting a makeover.

Though the Quantum Networks look will change, the wide range of 4G, LTE products and personal assistance options guaranteeing users the best service possible will remain just as steady–if not even better.

The new site features an attractive blue-and-gray color scheme, with updated graphics to point users more clearly in the right direction of the device they’re searching for. The site also introduces a new logo (see image!) to reflect the efficiency, attractiveness, and modernity characteristic of the products being sold.

In addition to aesthetic differences, the site’s new-and-improved structure offers the fastest, clearest, simplest viewing and purchasing experience. At the top of the screen, the redesigned homepage offers a link to the official Quantum blog, as well as links to the  5 main categories featured on the site: GPS Tracking, Surveillance & Security, Cellphone Accessories, Car Electronics, and Data & Networking. Each category includes multiple subcategories beneath it, so users can start broad and narrow their searches accordingly.

Change can be scary, but in this case it definitely seems to be for the better. “The transition to our new website has been a long-term project requiring hard work and great involvement from all our staff,” announced Ari Zoldan, CEO of Quantum (@AriZoldan) in a statement released by Quantum on Wednesday. “We are proud to launch our new website today… It certainly represents a new milestone—and a higher industry standard—in our constant efforts to provide our customers with the best quality service.”

Users can also choose to shop according to manufacturers, with sidebar options that tailor the search even further by allowing specifications for price limitations and color preferences.

For a broader search without tailoring to categories, users can simply enter the product they’re looking for in the general search bar at the top of the homepage.

The new site also features the opportunity to learn with Quantum, via the Knowledge Base section at the bottom of the new homepage that offers free informational guides for buyers, as well as guides on GPS systems and routers, so users can make the most informed decision when investing in new equipment.

The bottom of the homepage also features Quantum’s contact information, customer service options, company information, newsletter sign-up, and most importantly allows users to keep track of their accounts, to stay ahead of their orders as they arrive, and remain in control of their purchases.

To celebrate the site’s launch, Quantum is offering a one-time-only promotion: The first 100 customers using the coupon code “NEWQW10” will receive $10 off AND free shipping!

To revolutionize your technology experience, visit the new Quantum site today!

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