Is It Worth Buying A Tablet With 3G Or 4G LTE?

When any of the most powerful manufacturers in the mobile sector (read Samsung, Apple, Sony, Google, etc.) launches a high-end tablet, never missing a version of it with mobile connectivity, which at this point is usually compatible with networks 4G LTE. However, we also found many ranges entry and mid range devices capable of connecting via 3G, with a SIM card, and even phone function. Is it worth betting on this feature?

A Tablet With 3G Or 4G LTE

The mobile connection raises the price of equipment

It is one of the first factors to consider: a tablet with 4G will always be more expensive than the same model in WiFi only version. However, quite often it depends on the manufacturer the price at which the difference in performance is fixed.

Let’s look at some of the tablets pointers moments. For example, the Galaxy Tab S2 the difference is 100 euros (499-599), according to the official prices of Samsung. In the Google Nexus 9, the jump is 80 euros (from 479 to 559, with 32GB). However, the palm takes Apple, which measured up to 120 euros a connectivity type and the other for iPad Air 2 (489-609).

Given these data, we can estimate that normally buy a tablet with 4G LTE cost us around 100 euros more than if we acquired a WiFi only. But that is not the only implicit spending on a device such features.

Possible problems with the SIM card

Have mobile connectivity in a tablet is not relevant at all if we do not have a SIM card with which to take advantage. In this sense, we have two options, or request a duplicate our card mobile with which we have contracted the data to the operator (and not all operators have a service so far) paying any kind of fee, or hire a new rate, significantly increasing the monthly bill.

If you have mobile, easily you have Internet on your tablet

Today we can share the Internet connection between a smartphone and a tablet using almost any phone, if we use it as a WiFi router. Here is a tutorial to do it the easiest way possible.

In this way, we avoid having to hire data for our tablet and we can equip ourselves with a WiFi only model to navigate from anywhere. Only we must activate a specific function on the phone and use the data rate for contracted with our mobile. We should also note that this will raise your battery consumption, though not excessive if the software is well optimized.

Other tricks to not depend on the Internet

In recent days we have talked about a couple of resources to have website content without being connected at the time. The first is to convert a story or article that interests us in a PDF, which is stored in the computer’s memory. The second in save web pages and links in one app to navigate quite efficiently without connection. Both solutions, however, require a bit farsighted and go select content at the time to have them available later.

There is also a way to send messages to our contacts (provided they are within more or less close) without being hooked a network is a prerequisite, as we told you in this publication.

Phone function, attractive but not decisive

At one point, if we are at home enjoying our tablet and receive a call, it is very comfortable to answer from the same device and even keep doing our stuff with the screen as we consider the interlocutor. In fact, today is a good list of teams that included the large format option.

However, WhatsApp, Skype or VoIP calls Hangouts already offer and, it seems, will gradually gain ground, if the operators fail to cut its progression. A tablet is a perfect tool to keep a video chat or a simple voice conversation and can perform this operation connected to a WiFi network.

Is it really useful a 4G tablet For whom?

More or less, it is a question we have clear. A tablet may be interesting mobile connectivity in the workplace, especially if our company is responsible for providing Internet service. You have a fast and direct connection will save certain disturbances which, in the event that we are working and we need maximum efficiency, be worth escape.


A tablet with 4G LTE will offer more comfort in the user experience, which we think is “in my case, is as necessary as to bear the extra costs?”

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