How To Make A Good Bargain From Selling Your Old Phone

If you are planning to get a new cell phone, but have a limited budget, then there is no better way to earn some money for a new phone than selling your old one. There are several ways of selling an old smartphone: trade-in programs, social networks, friends and family members, online stores, etc. But no matter how you are going to sell a phone, first of all you need to find out how much your phone is worth.

How To Make A Good Bargain From Selling Your Old Phone

So how can one find out the price of his or her old cell phone? For example, for used HTC smartphones you can get up to $300 and iPhones tend to cost more than androids in general. But before you actually get to the selling procedure, read below some general rules of thumb about what buyers these days will be or will not pay for:

  • Phones from different networks have different prices, AT&T ends to cost more in general.
  • Current condition. When selling your phone you need to show it from the best side. Try to hide scratches under the cover for the screen and change the back panel if necessary. But if you have a cracked phone, do not get disappointed, there is always a buyer for every seller, so do not despair. Moreover, if you cannot sell the phone as a whole piece think about selling it for details – in this way you can also get pretty good money for it.
  • The older than you get, the less you will be able to get to it. Unfortunately, if your phone is more than two years old it is considered to be old.
  • Personalization. People today do not like buying personalized phones (full of stress or stickers). So if it’s possible, try to clean the phone from everything before selling it.
  • Try to keep original. Most people and trade-in programs prefer to get original packages. So you need to collect everything original that you have for your phone in order to raise its value.

In-store trade-in programs: Immediate credit

If you need to get money right on the spot, then in-store programs are just the best option for you to sell the used phone. Here all that you need to do is take the old phone, bring it to the local store and just give it to the service helpers. As a rule, the stores give either gift cards for the value of the phone or you can always ask for cash. In case you do not like the deal, you can always take the phone back and walk away. But this is undoubtedly the fastest way of selling used phones in Toronto.

Better deals for those who can wait

If you do not need to get the money, instantly you have a pretty wide variety of online sales websites which usually will offer you much better prices and paying options going beyond gift cards. But if using online service be ready to wait for some time until you find the right buyer for your phone.

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