How to Encourage Your Child to Enjoy Sports

Some kids love sport. They can’t get enough of it; running around all day, kicking balls around the backyard, or even swimming every chance they get. Then there are other children who have no interest in sports at all.

All parents know the importance of developing team skills and exercise. However, it can be difficult to encourage non-interested children to enjoy the benefits.

If this sounds familiar, keep reading.

Lead by Example

Much of what children say and do is a reflection of how they see you act.

When you get home from work, go out the back and start kicking a ball around or practice your throwing arm against a wall. Show your children that you have an interest in it and yourself can see the benefits. If possible, make sure your activity is visible.

After a few days, ask your child to come out and join you for a few kicks or throws. Use the time for conversation and show them that sport can be a social experience.

Start With the Right Gear

If your house has a favorite team that you follow, start with some merchandise. Sports clothes from the Groupon Coupons page for Children’s Place is a good site to start with.

If possible, contact your local team and see if you can’t get an autograph.

Make It a Family Event

If your example and new clothes aren’t doing the trick, try a family sports day. Nothing extravagant, just a day where you all head to the park and play a range of different sports and games with each other.

Open Your Views on Sport

It could just be that your child hasn’t seen a sport they are interested in yet. If the regulars like soccer, football, basketball, etc. don’t interest them, look elsewhere at ideas such as adventure sports, extreme sports, and even gymnastics based sports.

Remember that you can’t make your child love a sport, you can only show them the enjoyment and benefits which come from it and let them make up their own mind.

Of course, your biggest problem is if they do enjoy the same sport as you, only they go for the opposing team!

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