How LTE Technology Carries Unsuspected Brands


on August 8, 2011   |   1 comment

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When one thinks about LTE technology, the first image that pops into mind is the 4G LTE service provider with the largest network, Verizon and all the smartphones and other 4G-enabled devices it offers. However, the success of LTE reaches further than just that and helps other brands to develop their own successful business models.

LTE users can confirm this: enjoying mobile broadband service virtually anywhere across the U.S. feels great. The only glitch is that you can only enjoy your high-speed 4G LTE on your smartphone’s tiny screen (the dramatization serves our purpose!). Have you ever wondered how you could transform your high-speed mobile connection for a single device into a Wi-Fi hotspot for multiple broadband-enabled devices? Stream your favorite Netflix movies, listen to online music or simply surf the web from you tablet or laptop and up to five different devices at once, using your 4G LTE connection?

Novatel’s MiFi enables you to do that.

The MiFi 4510L is 3G/4G enabled and aims at providing the customer with a high speed broadband mobile hotspot . This high-performing mobile router fits in the palm of your hand and was designed to create a mobile broadband hotspot everywhere you are covered by Verizon’s 4G LTE network — which means any place you would go for business or vacation.

The success of this little device not only resides in its powerful capabilities but also in its ability to provide a useful service to all Verizon LTE users. As of today, Verizon covers more than a 100 major U.S. markets and its customer base is growing continuously at an outraging rate (1.3 new subscribers for Q2 2011), mainly as a result of the company’s aggressive marketing.

LTE’s strength is to foster amazement and enthusiasm around 4G technology which, in this specific case, helped Novatel to increase its revenue by 50 percent from year-to-year, mainly thanks to this one popular 4G device, the MiFi 4510L.

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