GPS Navigation Apps For Android

Most Android phone users have installed Google Maps application for GPS navigation. This application usually comes pre installed on most Android devices and will be used as the GPS navigator. Although this application and have the option of offline navigation, this time we will talk about two browsers for Android applications that have fully implemented this feature.

GPS Navigation Apps For Android

Amend Maps and Navigation for Android

The first of the browsers, let’s talk is Amend Maps and Navigation for Android. This browser provides the ability to browse offline data network quickly. Voice navigation, lane guidance, estimated arrival time, sample points of interest (POI) and navigation routes GPX and restored.

Application maps are based on Open Street Maps (OSM) maps, free for download, updated and accessible to users for modification

Its large number of downloads and positive feedback on the PlayStore makes this an interesting browser to compete with Google Maps option.

City Maps 2 Go for Android

Another application navigation is highlighting is City Maps 2 Go. This application, like the previously discussed of Amend, its main characteristic is offline operation.

Also based on Open Street Maps, lets you download maps that interest you, telling you the space it occupies on the memory card. It can be very useful when we have a limited storage capacity or simply want to have a map of a given area.

Very useful for traveling abroad and not to use roaming data downloading maps or information application. It also has the functionality to add your travel guide Wikipedia, which can make it easier to navigate and search for desired or recommended places.

Its popularity has been rising much lately and it seems you can also enter the conflict with Google Maps to be the favorite browser users.

With these two examples of GPS applications for Android browsers we wanted to give some option more users to determine what your favorite browser and try to better suit the use of each. Try it, draw your own conclusions and never find you lost.

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