Ericsson, TDC to Improve State of LTE in Denmark


on November 8, 2010  

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Not much could be called rotten with the state of Denmark’s broadband networks. Many Danes will soon have “unmatched” high-speed Internet capabilities with a little help from their Swedish friends at Ericsson. TDC, Denmark’s leading mobile service provider, has tapped the telecom industry-leading equipment vendors to provide for and oversee the launch and operation of an LTE network covering the Danish landscape.

The new “4G” LTE network will utilize Ericsson’s Evolved Packet Core and the LTE radio solution. The contract, for a yet-t0-be disclosed amount, is Ericsson’s “first full-scope managed service contract for an LTE/Evolved Packet Core (EPC) network,” according to a press release. Ericsson already has an existing relationship with the Danish service provider, but the success of this deployment  will surely be pivotal in the strengthening of that relationship. More importantly to TDC CEO Jess Ibsen, the contract presents the opportunity to prove that their company’s highest priority is to provide customers with an optimal net surfing experience; adding that a smooth and fast transfition to LTE is of vital interest.

Getting a nation’s number one carrier is a big get for Ericsson‘s set of LTE solutions, but it’s certainly not a first. They currently have seven LTE contracts spread out around the world, including two in operation– with MetroPCS in the US and TeliaSonera in Norway and Sweden. Ericsson seems to have a firm grasp on the future of LTE equipment. They expect to soon be the largest holder of patents for LTE technology with a solid 25 percent. If all goes well in Denmark, expect even more large carriers to bite on Ericsson’s offerings.

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