Connect To The Internet: Cable Or Wifi?

One of the advantages of connecting to broadband Internet is the ability to do so through a wireless connection through routers with ability to create wireless networks in an area between 20 and 50 meters around this device. These networks provide greater comfort and flexibility in homes, since it is not necessary cableways for the rooms. They also allow different – computer devices, mobile phones, tablets or Consolas- simultaneously connect to the network. However, in a wireless network a significant loss of speed over the cable connection can be seen, not to mention safety deficiencies

Connect To The Internet

Keep in mind that the speed Internet connection contracted with a telecommunications operator (ISP) is the maximum available to the user. Therefore, in any case, the choice of cable or wireless as the connection mode will go faster Internet access. Under the WiFi technology are different standards that regulate the spectrum band 2.4 gigahertz where they work, as well as other parameters necessary for use



Standards, Scope And Interference

The first standard was used in home environments 802.11b, with a maximum speed of 11 Mbps. After it has passed the following 802.11g and 802.11n connection with a limit of 54 and 300 Mbps. Each evolution has led to an improvement in, but not always actual, maximum access conditions. However, this speed is not always true, as different factors associated with the environment where the user is located.

This is due to interference with other devices operating in a range close to the wireless spectrum and signal loss motivated by the distance to the router or natural barriers such as walls and walls. For this reason, it works on developing a new standard, 802.11a, which operates in the spectrum band of five gigahertz. In this band there is so much saturation as in 2.4 gigahertz, but on the contrary, its scope is much lower. Therefore, it is suitable for specific uses.


Speed Losses Over 60%

According to a study by the Speed test. Es portal between three million valid samples between January first and March 31, 2012, the performance of connections wireless broadband has a drop of up to 62.4%. To do this, researchers have measured fluctuating Internet connections and its variation over an estimated time.

Points out this website that loss of use is greater as the Internet connection speed contracted is greater. That is, customers with Internet connections 20, 50 or 100 megabytes per second typically have a drop greater than 50% yield, according to the access provider contracted Internet.

One of the causes of this decline is in the way data is sent and received. While a WiFi connection works using a radio signal that does not allow sending and receiving data can be performed simultaneously ( “half-duplex”), cable connections, Ethernet itself can function so that data is sent and received at the same time ( “full-duplex”). In this sense, some researchers have been working for years to find a way to convert wireless networks in “full-duplex” to double its current capacity.

On the other hand, wireless security protocols such as WEP, to control unauthorized access to a wireless network, you can jump easily. For this reason, there are other safer and WPA2 protocols and different techniques to mitigate unauthorized access. However, in many companies’ wireless networks are prohibited for safety.


Ethernet, Fast And Safe, But Uncomfortable


Such problems do not affect the Ethernet cable in home environments. Therefore, a cable Internet connection will always be more stable and faster than a wireless connection, but involve laying cable, the more uncomfortable and cumbersome aesthetically the greater the distance between the router and the device to be connected.

In some cases, the use of the cable is the best choice. For example, devices that need a stable Internet connection to access broadband high-definition audiovisual content from entertainment centers or so-called Smart TV, TVs with Internet access.

It is also suitable for access from game consoles, in the use of online games, as the sustained speed and response times are essential to get a good user experience during a game.


Meanwhile, a cable connection is recommended for computers were essentially that the connection is not subject to interference, or in the case of increase or decrease require large amounts of data over the Internet.

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