Choosing The Best Laptop

The laptops offer today is huge, there is a wide range of models and options with our advice could choose the model that suits you and save you some money.

The Best Laptop

Before buying a laptop you should consider several things like hardware support offered by the brand, design, and so on. The best laptop for you is not the one with the highest price or having the latest hardware, you could save a lot if you manage to identify your needs before going to the store, my experience is always healthy preparing a little analysis before to buy.

The first steps

The first filter to choose a laptop is to identify the type of use that will give, here are some simple questions you could make:

-You want it to play?

-Do you want it for basic things like browse, read and use text editors or spreadsheets?

-You want it to work with software design or video editing?

-You want it to compile code?

-Would it be only an extension of your home PC?

Think about it, discusses the uses, when you have a well-defined utility that will have your new equipment comes the technical side, it is best to check in all technology-specific sites (like Gizmodo) the latest news on laptops, hardware and trends not left out, technology is advancing very fast so it is best to be alert.

Portable formats

Things have changed a lot, there are new categories in portable so it is also a very important factor when buying one point. It is important to decide if you want to experience new formats or stay with something more classic, today we find:

  • Ultra books

These are lightweight, thin, with wide autonomy and a portable form factor.

  • Hybrids

Hybrids are the newest members of the family of laptops, you can use in tablet or as a laptop form factor model, they also usually have very good autonomy and the hardware is very similar to an ultra book.

  • Classic notebook

The classic notebooks are lifelong today are much thinner and lighter, but gradually disappearing. Many times this format is ideal for certain styles work style, remember that everything depends on your needs.

Size and weight

We look for a laptop, so I’d better pay attention to the space in your backpack or briefcase is also an important weight as it is not good lugging with such a heavy laptop, especially if you move all day or if you travel a lot. The ideal laptop sizes ranging from 11 inches to 15 inches beyond 15 does not make much sense, but as always, depends on the style and use that gives each.


The heart of your laptop is not anything, today’s processors are designed to deliver a flawless performance but also to consume less energy, perhaps the most popular are those of the Intel Core family, specifically the Haswell (fourth generation) , most manufacturers is making use of them and the results are impressive on autonomy, an example is the latest generation of MacBook Air, I have one and trouble can work a full day without running into a wall outlet.

The choice of processor, regardless of the brand is based on the use that will be given to the notebook, usually a Core i3 offers you need for the basics and a little more, it is best that it is somewhat left over that you lack more forward power, the processor is not everything, you also have to combine it with aspects such as RAM and hard drive.

Another important aspect is to identify if you require integrated or dedicated graphics, this is a function of the first step is to identify the needs, for example, if you play or produce multimedia content the best option would be dedicated graphics, usually integrated cover most the needs of an average user.

SSD mandatory

SSD prices end up not falling, the price per GB is high, but is the best choice to accompany your laptop, especially in matters of performance. Although capacity would be reduced should not be much problem for you, you could put together without problem over 100GB of storage in the cloud using services such as Google Drive, Dropbox or Copy.

After several years of using SSD in my laptop I have not had any problems with the flow of my applications or operating system generally are also much safer with your information since not have moving parts, you have less risk of hurt.

Autonomy is as important as the processor

Clearly, if we want a laptop, it is that going to take it everywhere and in most cases (depending on usage) what we want to be away from an outlet, it makes little sense to buy a laptop if 80 percent of the time you’ll be looking for outlets to keep your job.

Today there are many teams that offer a decent autonomy, but it is good to trust in the capabilities that boasts the manufacturer with its battery, take it as an estimate of time and analyzes rather the type of use that you’ll give to your laptop, you cannot ask for 10 hours on a laptop running at full capacity. Another important aspect is that you analyze how complicated it would be to change the battery, if you have the opportunity to bring an extra for any emergency.

Details and more details

It is very important to know that your portable future has some degree of renovation and is easy to repair, for example, you can easily access the hard disk and can then update it by an SSD for better performance or put more RAM and give a new life. On the other hand it is important to analyze the level of support that has the mark, it is always good to pay extra for the best experiences of support and if you can extend your warranty would be much better

Before venturing out to buy your new laptop online I recommend you visit the stores and put your hands on the various laptops that you have targeted, analyzes things like ports you have or if you are comfortable using the keyboard , etc. And then you have plenty of time to analyze the different prices out there, if you can import or take advantage of an offer in he department or electronic stores.

The verdict

I’ve had a few negative experiences with laptops I’ve bought throughout my working life and as a student, what I have learned in all this time is that we must stop thinking always buy the latest, I assure you end up with nothing in the hands. The technology is so, advances to giant steps, any laptop you buy for newer it and will substitute a few months, so it is important to analyze the degree of update you have and the support and reliability of the brand they are also very important.

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