Give Your PlayStation 4 a Makeover

If you were a gamer in the 70s, 80s, or 90s, then you’ve hit the jackpot in the teens of the new millennium. Advancements in gaming technology have far surpassed expectations, and we’ve come a long way from playing pong or the original Zelda. There’s no hate for either of…

mobile network

How a mobile network work?

A mobile network consists of a network of base stations that cover a limited area (cell) and route communications as radio waves to and from the user terminals. Mobile communications follow the general principle telephony: Connect two remote users via the computer network of an operator responsible for managing the…

Connect To The Internet

Connect To The Internet: Cable Or Wifi?

One of the advantages of connecting to broadband Internet is the ability to do so through a wireless connection through routers with ability to create wireless networks in an area between 20 and 50 meters around this device. These networks provide greater comfort and flexibility in homes, since it is…


Wi-Fi Compatability Vs. Wimax

‘ Fi Fo Fum, I believe I odor the bloodstream… oops incorrect tale. This particular story does not involve titans, but it will involve huge leaps ahead in technology which will affect all of us. The additional day We was viewing two children play. Each experienced a container can as…

A Tablet With 3G Or 4G LTE

Is It Worth Buying A Tablet With 3G Or 4G LTE?

When any of the most powerful manufacturers in the mobile sector (read Samsung, Apple, Sony, Google, etc.) launches a high-end tablet, never missing a version of it with mobile connectivity, which at this point is usually compatible with networks 4G LTE. However, we also found many ranges entry and mid…

The 7 Best Social Networking Apps For Android

The 7 Best Social Networking Apps For Android

You cannot speak on a mobile phone without any application for social networks. Since the rise of the mobile phone one of the fundamental objectives of app developers and phone producing companies it was that users could always carry their social networks in their pockets; It is even believed that…

Twitter Launches Its Official Application For Windows 8

Twitter Launches Its Official Application For Windows 8

It has been hard to get, but finally the official Twitter application for Windows 8 and Windows RT is available. As they had promised their leaders, the famous microblogging social network already has its own application for the new operating system from Microsoft. Besides being able to enjoy all the…

The Best Laptop

Choosing The Best Laptop

The laptops offer today is huge, there is a wide range of models and options with our advice could choose the model that suits you and save you some money. Before buying a laptop you should consider several things like hardware support offered by the brand, design, and so on….

Windows Phone

The Five Essential Apps For Your Windows Phone

Put yourself in the situation. You just got your shiny Windows Phone, you open the box, you put the SIM, turn it on and after tinkering around with the interface you wonder: What applications I install? Although from the Marketplace can explore some, you’ll always lose some jewelry. So let’s…

A Latest Mobile

Ten Things You Should Know Before Buying A Latest Mobile

Fraudsters are waiting for an opportunity to deceive. So if you are purchasing a mobile phone note ten aspects that will avoid regret your purchase. Change or buy a cell is now common in the Colombian consumer. Moreover, there are more mobile phones in the market that the number of…